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Miss H is dedicated to bringing you handmade, earth-friendly products that invoke a feeling of health, luxury and old timey-whimsy. From my miracle Elixirs and Tonics to my Bath Bombs and Body Lotions, you're sure to find something that will make you feel good inside and out.  

For those who take earth consciousness and general old-timeyness to a spiritual level, the Back Room features home-made candles and jewellery, crystals and stones, spell kits and books as well as tarot, palm and tea-leaf reading.

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Spring has Sprung!

Posted on March 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (4)

This unseasonally warm weather has brought a lot of great early springs fares. The trees are budding and the birds have mirgrated back to our backyards. People are getting out of their homes and the bustle of people in the streets and their front yards provides the soundtrack of the summer to come.

It also means that the plants in the Pickle Jars own personal greenhouse have started to poke out their heads to enjoy the weather with the rest of us! Our basil crops have started to sprout, including thai, sweet, cinnamon and basil genovese. Also saying hello are our marjoram, chives, thyme, catmint, sage, lavender, echinacea, parsely, and calendula. We know that the others will be along shortly, because what herb could resist weather like this!

Here at the Pickle Jar, we believe in organic ingredients. And although we have a great supplier just as passionate as we are in our commitment to natural remedies and organic ingredients, there is something to be said about knowing first hand the herb you're using and how its been grown and treated. We like to think that growing the herbs ourselves gives a personal touch, as our customers know the love and hardwork that we've put into the ingredients they use for their body. It's the little things that truly make a wonderful product.

Tell us your favourite thing about spring in the comments, and enter a chance to win a free gift on us, to celebrate the coming of the growing season!

Faithfully yours,
Miss H

Delivery, promotions and apologies

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Let's start with the apologies. It has been far too long since our last blog post, and for that I'm sorry. A number of factors have kept me from my computer, including some technical difficulties, moving provinces and what I thought was the death of my lungs. Apparently moving from a place with beautiful mountain/sea air back to a place with a high air pollution level gives your lungs a bit of a scare. Luckily I am feeling a whole ton better!

My second apology is for everyone that might have gone to Sex, Lies, Menopause and More and expected to see us there. Unfortunately there was an issue a few days before hand that made us feel like it wasn't a good fit for us. We're hoping it won't be our last chance to help out the Well-Come Center and we were super disappointed not to be able to go. On the plus side we're curretnly hooking ourselves up with vendor booths at future events as we speak! We'll let you know dates as we get them.

I loaded 5 new items into the shop today including Coco Can't Tell bubble bath, the Sunshine State of Relaxation bath oil and Blue Bars, The Tea House Bar and Berries by The Sea soap bars. We've also removed the shipping cost on The Flight of The Honeybee! We haven't had a problem convincing people that we're great, but we know a lot of people would like something small they can try before commiting to a whole shopping cart - so give it a shot!

For those who live in the Windsor area (especially those who are personal friends!) we would like to offer you another cheap option for ordering our stuff - DELIVERY! For the low-low price of $5.00 I am willing to come to you WITH PRODUCTS and sell you whatever it is you want. Use the contact bar on the side of the page here to shoot us an email and let us know exactly what you want, when you want it and where to go and we will quote you a price and deliver it to you. This is an awesome way to save on shipping costs, get our products faster (possibly within a few hours) and get an excellent visit in the process.

Sorry again for the serious delay in posting, and I promise it won't happen again. I already have a few blog posts ready to go, so keep an eye out.


Website changes, Prices and Philosophies

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

So some of you might notice (and by some of you, I mostly mean me because I'm always on this website) that our home page is a little different and that we have some new links in the navigation bar. I deicded that having a homepage with an intro, an about me page and a blog was a bit much. The blog is now our home page (yay!) and we have this neat little link that says SHOPPE. It's a web store! Or a web shop. Or a shoppe, if you want to be old-timey about it (which we do). Not all of our products are there, but we will continue adding new things on a regular basis. If there's something on the PRODUCTS pages that you want, sendus a shout via that super cute little contact us button to your right.

On a related note we've gotten a few inquiries about sizes, containers etc etc. You might notice that not everything we sell is a uniform size, and that the containers all look suspiciously different... and maybe even... recycled. Well you'd be right. Originally we did intend to get nice wholesale orders of identical bottles of specific weights and sizes, but we've decided that didn't really fit in with our philosophy. First of all we want to try and avoid plastic wherever possible. It's lightweight, it's less expensive and it IS re-usable... but making all natural products and then sticking them into something that potentially could leak chemicals into them sounds pretty contradictory to us. It also doesn't have the look and feel we're going for. Then we thought about all of the glass jars, small tins and things you find at yard sales, thrift stores or that you have left over in your own kitchen and we realized that we want to keep those things in use as much as possible instead of contributing to the whole mass-production, consumerism thing. (It's very THE STORY OF STUFF of us, don't you think?) We really hope people can get on board with this and can see the beauty in dumping bath salts out of old mason jars and things. Everything is washed and sterelized, of course! Along with this we want to offer a rebate or discount or refill program for returned containers. Save us a little money, and we return the favour! More on that when we get the kinks worked out.

Finally, prices. In addition to pricing working on a product by product basis for a while because of our changing containers and over-all newness to business, the prices you find in our shop now are a bit low. We're so excited about all of the positive feedback we're getting and to get our stuff out there that we want to start low and give people a chance to try everything. That does mean our prices will rise in the future, but that does not mean they will rise to millionaire only status. We still want to maintain a very locally, handmade from natural materials for regular people price range without sleepin' on the streets.

This quick update turned into a very large update. Shoot.

IN CLOSING. We have a shoppe! It is accessible via our navigation bar and you can search for us on etsy under the user name ThePickleJarHP. You can follow us on Twitter, Google +, Facebook and you can follow the blog through Facebook as well) and my newest obsession PINTEREST. Again you can find all of those links to the side, there.

Until next time, sports fans!

Paige out!

Is this thing on?

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello there, readers I am imagining exist.

The missus and I have decided to enter into the wide world of BLOGGING. Contrary to what you see here our plans actually include video blogs, but being in the same video at the present time would take a vast amount of magically nonsense. 

I am currently sitting in my bedroom in New Westminster, British Columbia. What am I doing here is the store is in Windsor? Well I live here, silly. In 2010 Hailey and I had the basic plan and model for The Pickle Jar in our heads and had briefly discussed making it a reality. Unfortunately it didn't happen then and I moved out to BC shortly after. A very long year later I have decided to come home! Just in time, too, since Hailey had a whole bunch of products made. Due to the very obvious fact that I am far away and Hailey has... let's say MINIMAL (no) skills where the internet is concerned I got to make a website and try to implant us all over the net. 

Way easier than it sounds, I assure you. Apparently Google does NOT just do all of the work. Little slow on the uptake, Google. Get us in those search results aannnyytttime now.

I would like to say that our inspirations are THE PLANET and ECO CONSCIOUSNESS and other hip and cool things, but I think our biggest influence is the movie Practical Magic. The two of us hold a special place in our hearts for the Owens sisters and Sally's Verbena in the movie might very well have set little fires in our brains... it also could ahve been the midnight margaritas. Despite it being a little cliche, we still think it's interesting enough to blog about. We believe in the quality of the products we make and we really believe in offering a place to help the pagan community feel like they really belong.

I'm hoping the entries in this blog won't all be as boring as this one (I'm not much of a writer) and will work well at keeping everyone up to date on what we're doing and what it's like to run a small business out of your home with very little start-up capital and no experience! I'm confident you'll have as much fun reading it as we will living it! (I'm totally lying. You should go outside more if you believe that.)



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